"I don't bloody sneeze like a little girl, you just imagined it" ― Kingsley Adams


Kingsley is a pale, lanky male. He possesses stormy blue eyes and dark hair. His hair is bordering becoming a mullet but he usually keeps it from doing so. Kingsley normally wears plain coloured shirts and darkly coloured jeans. The shirts he wears are never real saturated and normally pretty dark of a colour.


Kingsley is quite hot-headed and comes off as rude quite a lot. If he's really close with you he becomes a lot more of a goofball and could temporarily make you forget about all the bad things he's done. A lot of the times he's quite reckless about his speech and actions. He's more of do now, think later kind of person. Kingsley doesn't trust a lot of people and strays away from speaking about how he's feeling.


Kingsley was born into a poor family. His dad left when he was seven which left him with his mother and younger sister, Katelyn. Throughout most of his life, he has stolen and done terrible things in order to keep his family going.